About Nicole Michelle Maternity

About Nicole Maternity

  Nicole Maternity is a name in the fashion world that is synonymous with trendy yet classic maternity wear. The label is comprised of unique and imaginative pieces ranging from swimwear separates to daily wear to formal gowns. Nicole Maternity has established its brand with women domestically and internationally as a premier label for well-designed, attractive maternity clothing. This line represents women that do not wish to compromise their sense of style during a period in their lives when their bodies change considerably. The designer, Nicole Daulton, believes that women's clothing should reflect their individuality while providing comfort to any body type. Nicole, being a mother herself to three children, understood the difficulties in finding stylish yet comfortable maternity clothing.

Due to this, the self taught designer began creating her own outfits and quickly gained a following. Before long, Nicole Maternity was born and 11 years later the line remains a leader in stylish, elegant and smart maternity clothing.

Nicole Maternity's philosophy is to create unique, high quality clothing for women of all ages. The timeless pieces represent a woman who is smart with her fashion choices, yet does not compromise comfort. The collection reflects the designer's ability to draw inspiration from life's eccentricities rather than the norm seen by following industry trends. Nicole brings her perceptive insight to a woman's body, adds a touch of soul with the unique fabrics and embellishments, and creates a fantastic new line for today's chic woman.

Nicole Michelle Maternity Clothing

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